Ask a Wedding Planner!

WHat do you need an answer to?

“How can make sure my guest knows they cannot bring a “plus one?”
“How can I make sure my guests don’t bring their children?”
“I want to let my guests invite children. How can I make sure parents and kids both enjoy themselves?”
“I need advice on how to limit my bridal party!”
“I need advice on where to seat divorced members of my family for the ceremony.”
“What do I need to include in my wedding ceremony program.”
“I need some ideas for a unique Welcome Bag for my Wedding Guests”
“What fields do I need to best organize my guest list for my wedding?”
“I have a venue for my wedding but I have no idea how to select a color palette”.

Get Answers Now – Ask Donna your wedding related questions!

With over 13 years of professional experience, Donna can help answer your wedding related questions! Whether your questions are related to the ceremony, family issues, guests, invitations or reception, she can answer your questions for you saving you valuable time and saving your sanity!

When you as your question to Donna Kim, she will access the question and give you a personalized answer to help you with your wedding planning.  Weddings are incredibly personal and sometimes you need another unbiased opinion in your planning! Help is here!

Why have your Questions answered by Donna?

Donna has been a professional wedding planner since 2002 and has done many kinds of weddings from the fancy schmancy city hotel to the rural, can only get to the ceremony by boat wedding! Her clients have come from all parts of the US and even from abroad! She prides herself in “listening to what isn’t being said” and uses her intuitive gift to help you make the right decisions for YOU and your wedding. Whether you get questions answered via email or choose to do a mini-consult with Donna, you get practical advice and answers to help you in planning your wedding.

What questions are NOT answered by Donna

There are questions that Donna cannot answer within the email or phone Q&A format.  These are just a sample of questions. If you happen to send us a question that is not appropriate, Donna will refund the fee and let you know via email that your question was not able to be answered.

Samples include:

  • Who is the best (fill in the vendor) for my wedding? Donna does not give vendor recommendations via the email Q&A or mini-consult.
  • Can you read over my (fill in the blank vendor) contract and advise me?
  • Can you help me negotiate my contract with my wedding venue?
  • In general, we do not answer vendor recommendations or any contract related questions.

Ask Donna your Question!

Q&A Options:

There are currently two types of Q&A consults with Donna Kim:

An Email Q&A: Email Q&A are your fastest way to get answers. You will email Donna your question(s) and she will respond within 72 hours, guaranteed. Often she responds within a few hours!

The fast turnaround makes the email Q&A’s extremely popular. Ask one question for $30 or save some money and get two questions answered for $50. The answers will be thorough and complete and are just as accurate as a phone mini-consult.

Email Q&A are designed for those who have an urgent question, an important decision to make, or just a couple of questions.

Phone Q&A: A phone mini-consult will allow Donna to cover three to five questions related to your wedding. Choose this option if you have more than two questions or areas you would like covered, or if you prefer to talk directly with Donna over the phone. The wait time for a phone mini-consult is typically about one week.

In-person consults are available at The Perfect Details Studio in Concord, Massachusetts only or when Donna is travelling. There is a one-hour minimum. If you are interested, please contact us and Donna will be in touch with you via email.