It's up to you, New York, NEW YORK!

I am literally only hours back from being at the National Stationery Show in New York City. If you're not in the "know", the National Stationery Show is kind of a candy store for paper freaks like me. And in addition to all things paper, cards, scrapbooking and invitations, there is the Interational Contemporary Furniture Fair® (ICGG®) and SURTEX® - the largest Show in North America dedicated to the selling and licensing or original art and design. All this under one big roof called the Javits Conventional Center. But I was not to be distracted and concentrated on the Stationery Part.

For those of you who have never gone to a show for the trade, let me tell you how it is in one word : OVERWHELMING!!!!! But so worth it to go!! You learn things and see trends and get re-energized all over again for all things paper. I've learned that the best thing to do is to go through the entire show and pick up literature on things that you're interested in and then once done, take a break, eat lunch, re-group and decide what to buy. Then, buy! I had a very specific hit list in mind and I was looking for some stunning letterpress and engraved invitation lines to carry for my clients. In addition, there were some surprise purchases and companies along the way and eventally I will blog about each one on its own.

I did the show on Tuesday, which was rainy and miserable. A good day to be indoors at a show! But the crowds were much less and talking to the exhibitors, they were complaining about the lack of people. That bad economy is hitting everyone hard. :(

The biggest trend that I noticed was GREEN PAPER options. There were favors that were made of recycled paper and then you could plant them with the seeds embedded in them, there was a company who had paper made from Cacao Trees (I hope I got that right) and even a company that creates paper from Elephant Dung! I'm really REALLY sorry if I got that wrong but I saw the sign and steered clear. This kind of paper, no matter how delightful, was not going to make it on my buy list. But so many GREEN options! It was nice to see. :)

It was a quick trip and I was luck enough to stay with my dear friends Laura and Tim (and Gigi the doggie) too! She was nice enough to pose for the pic above. :)

Stay tuned for my other purchases as I will report back soon! :)