The new 'Limited' bridal boutique

Last week we were thrilled to see that one of our favorite fashion chains, Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters Inc, had recently launched a wonderful new online bridal boutique. While immersing ourselves in the site, we stumbled across yet another article that announced another large retail chain's newest dive into the bridal world-- The Limited! Now in terms of styling and overall customer, The Limited definitely falls into a more conservative and classic category. However we were extremely surprised (and pleased!) to see that even though their boutique is offering some very simple and sophisticated designs in both bridal and bridesmaid dresses, that the styling and finishes are still very modern and updated. And the color palette is very fresh and exciting! The biggest shock of all-- not a single wedding dress costs more than $400! So though the options are clearly very simplistic and not over-the-top, it's nice to see a brand trying to take bridal fashion and still keep it stylish while very, very affordable. Take a look at some of the their designs below, and make sure to check out The Limited's bridal website by following the link at the end of the post.