New Notes in Boston: Music for Autism

This past Wednesday I was one of the fortunate invitees to a wonderful reception and brief concert at Symphony Hall for Music for Autism.

Music for Autism debuted in New England with two exceptional performances at Melmark New England with the amazing group, Classical Tangent. The ongoing series that commenced with these performances to serve those with autism and their families in the greater Boston Area is held in collaboration with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Melmark New England. One of the greatest aspects of these wonderful concerts is that they are FREE to the public! That is a result of some hard work on the part of the Executive Director and Co-founder, Robert Accordino. One of the board members is none other than one of the BSO's Double bass players, Ben Levy!

There is a great video on to enjoy and understand more about their concerts. You can access it by clicking on the link:

Enjoy some of the pictures from this wonderful event. Better yet, consider donating to this wonderful charity! Every dollar helps!

Photos courtesy of Melmarc New England and Music for Autism