The Perfect (Edible) Wedding Gown?

When it comes to your big day, all brides want the same thing-- the perfect dress! The bride wants to feel special and since she will be one of the main focal points of the event, the dress for many needs to make some sort of big impression or statement. For some, that statement might be impeccable classic finishes, or perhaps a splash of color, or a large accent piece or jewlery or a non-traditional head-piece. But we all are aware, for some individuals, taking it to the next level is on a completely different playing field! And one of those trends is to not only find the "perfect" dress, but to make that dress multi-functional. That is, making their dress edible.

Now edible dresses are not uncommon in the fashion world. For anyone who loves watching the "Food Network Challenge" or "Project Runway," many designers often enjoy challenging themselves with the task of creating something as functional as clothing out of edible and very fragile pieces of food. We found one designer who even created an entire runway line of wedding dresses entirely out of sugar, cookies, and all things food related. And there is another concept floating around for a wedding dress/ wedding cake that requires a model to stand completely still amidst a huge skirt made entire of cake! However, surprisingly, some real-life brides have chosen to take on the task of wearable art for their big day! One bride in Europe commissioned her wedding dress to be made entirely of cream-puffs. And another bride took the concept to even a bigger level-- her dress was not only edible, but she herself was edible! The couple's cake was a life-sized replica of the bride and her dress. In the long run, edible fashions probably are not the most realistic or easiest choices for your wedding day, but it is very interesting to see how some people are trying to push the envelope!

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