It's Friday! Which means that after a very busy week, it's time to start thinking about how to unwind and have fun with friends and family. For many of us, that time to unwind is Happy Hour! Good cocktails and good food always help to make any setting that much more enjoyable and exciting. We blogged about some interesting holiday drinks a few months ago, and from the response it seems like cocktails and the concept of a "signature drink" really is a point of interest of so many people! So we thought we'd dive into that theme again and share a few new recipe's we've found.

Sandra Lee is a celebrity cook on the Food Network, with her popular show 'Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee.' She offers some really interesting ideas on how to make home cooking that much easier and more affordable by throwing in some pre-made items with the 'homemade' recipes. But one thing that Sandra Lee is known for is her cocktails! At the end of each show she introduces a new recipe for a cocktail idea based around the meal she just presented. And her cocktails are never run of the mill. She combines some really unique flavors and always, always emphasizes the importance of presentation and the all important special garnish to finish off a drink. We took a look at her website for some ideas on drinks, and there are so many to choose from! Many of her drinks would make wonderful signature cocktails at a shower, special party, or even wedding reception. Her twist on the Bloody Mary, with the hot pepper and lemon slice garnish, or the really elegant looking Champagne Cosmo would be especially great for a bridal brunch. While the Peach Drop and Santa Fe Coolers would make really unique additions to a reception. Enjoy the drink images below, and make sure to check out Sandra Lee's website for some more great ideas!

Pom Bianco

Cactus Cooler

Champagne Cosmo

Blue Lagoon


Santa Fe Coolers

Bloody Mary

Ciroc Lola

Peach Drop

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