Happy Birthday Barbie!

As we were looking through the calendar for special dates for the month of March, we came across a rather different 'holiday' that was marked for March 9th... Barbie's Birthday! The doll that every little girl in America has played with over the years is officially 52 years old today. Launched on March 9, 1959, Barbie has become an iconic toy for American youths, and collectors alike. She is the ultimate fashionista, and in her 52 years has been a bride quite a few times! We remember our very first bridal barbie-- unfortunately she no longer has her hair and her white gown is probably balled up in the corner of a dusty chest right now! So we took to the web to reminisce and investigate some of her best bridal looks. From fashion designers to homemade frocks, Barbie has worn hundreds of wonderful, doll-sized wedding gowns. Some of our favorites are below. Happy Birthday Barbie, and hope everyone is recovering well from an exciting Mardi Gras last night!

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