One, two, three strikes you're out ... so we're doing the wedding my way!

It's baseball season AND wedding season, this means all the bases are full and a homerun is just what we need. Ever thought about incorporating the beloved Red Sox into your wedding? Whether you are a die hard fan or a band wagon fan, you can't deny your love hate relationship with those Sox. Maybe you could ask that weird crazy uncle to dress up as the mascot, Wally the Green Monster, well on second thought he will probably offer to do it and then you'll realize... worst decision ever. So whether you're hot for Jacoby Ellsbury or a Jason Veritk lover these pictures are for those who truly love the Red Sox!
Some couples say "I do," this couple says "play ball!"
Love for each other and love for the game.
Oh No... it's the crazy uncle!
Look at our baseball cookies...
How about our groom's cake...with those matching cookies I'd say we hit a homerun.
Photo by Kristin Spencer
Take me out to the crowd... (notice how the score board is the wedding date).
Photo by Kristin Spencer
...I don't care if I ever get back
Photo by Kristin Spencer
Talk about getting creative with your "something blue."
Hole in one! Oops wrong sport.
Edible... you bet!
The place cards are literally on the green!
Mmm... Hello Red Sox in my tummy!
Seriously the invitation!!!! They must really love the Sox to agree on this.
Whether you're from Boston or not you can't deny that this is a beautiful place!