Sometimes all a girl wants to do is DANCE!

Kim walked down the aisle with the help of The Perfect Details on 6/26/2010. Here her bridesmaids rock out for her bachelorette party.

Do you get envious when watching shows like Dancing With the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance? It's natural. Imagine if you and your hubby's first dance was a sexy Fox Trot or a graceful Vietnamese Waltz? Hard to imagine I'm sure...well then just forget about it and rock out with your girlfriends! Whether it's for a bachelorette party, or just because you wanna shake your groove thang, there are plenty of fun places to do so!

Feel like Salsa Dancing... Go to Masa in Boston's South End at 439 Tremont St. If you like good Latin American tapas, head there on a Thursday night, for when the clock strikes 11pm the doors shut, the tables are rolled away to turn this restaurant into a Salsa club!

Got Swag? Even if you don't check out a fun hip hop routine that will keep you on your toes? Life In Synergy's Hip Hop Japanimation class Tuesday nights at 8pm and Video Vixen Thursday nights at 8pm located in the Back Bay at 867 Boylston St. (If you're a newbie your first class is free.)

You maybe hesitant at first, but this is one of the hardest and most challenging workouts you'll find. It takes real talent, and that's why there are so many beginner classes. Grab a friend or two and head to 71 Lansdowne St. (Inside Gold's Gym) and you will find yourself at Boston Pole Fitness. Private parties are always fun too.

You're wearing a gorgeous gown dripping with sequins as you glide across the floor with your handsome dance partner... sounds like a dream, but if you go to Authur Murray's dance studio at 20 Park Plaza (look for other locations around MA), you can take a free beginners class! Watch out Cheryl Burke.

Jump, jive, and wail! Whatever wailing is sometimes you just want to kick up those feet and boogie. At Swing City you can do just that. Located at 680 Huron Ave, Fresh Pond/Cambridge. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, the doors open at 7:45 with just a cover charge fee. And stick around till 9pm when the live band strikes up and things really get really wild!

So next time your girlfriend says "I'm bored there's nothing to do..." put on those dancing shoes and get out there!