Favorite Friday Vendor Spotlight: Danielle Weitzler's Ravishing Jewelry

The Perfect Details met with Danielle Weitzler to talk about Ravishing Jewelry. If you want fashion, bridal, one-of-a-kind hand stamped jewelry, Ravishing Jewelry has it! Whether a bride, bridal party, or everyday woman, Danielle's Jewelry is for you.

TPD: How did you get involved in the jewelry business?

DANIELLE: I actually went to school for Fashion Merchandising & Design. For the past 12 years I have been in the luxury fashion industry so I'm constantly exposed to style, trends, colors, etc but not directly involved with actual jewelry or jewelry design. I do work for the fine timepiece division at a prestigious fashion company, that's as close to jewelry as I get other then at Ravishing. It has been a dream of mine, since I was very young, to own my own company (a boutique....maybe one day!) so this hobby of mine is the only real jewelry "business" I have ever been hands-on involved with.

TPD: Have you taken classes or are you self taught?

DANIELLE: I am completely self-taught. The extent of my jewelry making skills was making "gimp" bracelets at camp, friendship bracelets & pins for my friends, and beaded necklaces at Club Med. Some of which I actually still have....somewhere, either at my mom's or in a box. I wish I could find them! The way this whole journey started was because my coworker had a really pretty multi-strand bracelet with wood, turquoise and gold beads. I wanted it!! The problem was, she got it on a trip to Europe so she didn't have the name of the store for me. So I looked at it and a lightbulb went off in my head, I thought...."I can totally make it myself"! So I went down to the bead store at the corner near my office in Midtown and bought everything I needed, as well as a handy little basic "How To" book, that I still have. I have always been a VERY creative type and can usually look at something and recreate it as long as I know what parts are used. There are also a ton of tutorials online on all sorts of DIY sites, blogs and on Youtube....so the web makes it pretty simple. Although I would love to take classes on setting and soldering one day so I can take my business to the next level.

TPD: What has been your most triumphant piece you have created?

DANIELLE: I have made hundreds of pieces but there is nothing more gratifying then making jewelry that is completely custom and sentimental in one way or another. Whether it's a wedding, bridal shower, necklace for a new mom, a bracelet to bring someone courage or something for a child on a special day, there is nothing more amazing then the feeling of creating a piece of jewelry with my two bare hands that make someone so very happy, appreciative or inspired. I love working one-on-one with my clients because a new type of friendship is always formed. For example I worked with a beautiful bride last year on the wedding jewelry for all of her bridesmaids and just this week I created a special "Bola (aka Belly Bell)" necklace for her because she is expecting a baby this fall.

TPD: What are your favorite textures/beads to work with?

DANIELLE: I absolutely love working with EVERYTHING sparkly!! My all time favorite is gold, it always adds sparkle and compliments the colors of the stones I use. Lately I have been loving stones with vibrant colors such as Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Topaz, Chalcedony (in fuchsia, yellow & green). There is nothing more beautiful then an outfit complimented by jewels with a POP of color.

(Danielle on the far left at her best friends wedding)

TPD: What's been the most rewarding about starting Ravishing Jewelry?
DANIELLE: My very favorite thing that that goes along with having my own jewelry line is the emails, notes and messages I get from people thanking me for the piece I created for them or a loved one as a gift. It is what drives me and keeps me going daily and on the days I am not sure I have it in me. My fans and clients are truly amazing!! I don't have enough words to thank them for all of the nice things that have been said.
The Perfect Details wants to thank Danielle for sharing her time and talents with us!

Danielle Weitzler
Founder/Creative Director/Designer, Ravishing Jewelry
Located in Hoboken, NJ (Homage of Frank Sinatra & Baseball)E: ravishingjewelry@gmail.com