Favorite Friday Vendor Spotlight: Kristin Spencer Photography

The Perfect Details found out what amazing photography was when they met Kristin Spencer of Kristin Spencer Photography. She truly knows how to capture anything and everything. We applaud you Kristin for your FABULOUS work.

TPD: How did you get involved in photography?
KRISTIN: At age 16 as a freshman in high school I took my first course & was instantly hooked! I'd always been involved in the arts programs but was rather OCD about my artwork being lifelike & full of realistic detailing..photography was the perfect path once I found it. I followed through high school taking courses through the art program as well as college courses at The Maryland Art Institute. Following high school I was accepted into a program at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago which began my draw towards advertising & commercial applications of the medium, then 5 LONG years at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) as an Advertising Photography Major I had clearly established the path I was taking.

TPD: Why do you love what you do?
KRISTIN: In the wedding side of my profession I love the being able to capture the beauty, bold details, and the actual connections & emotional moments to help clients "relive" the moments over & over again. I love that weddings are a blend of my background with fashion & stylized details (being my advertising/fashion background) mixed with capturing real moments & emotions which give it depth & purpose! The connection & emotional reaction someone has from looking at even one picture. It's pretty cool that one image could make someone laugh or cry or just remember how they felt that moment.
TPD: What is the most challenging part of your work?
KRISTIN: Honestly finding more time! I have a difficult time saying "no" to a potential client when I know it's going to be visually bold & a fun couple..and finding the time to do all the events I want to & the editing is really the toughest part. Shooting them is easy for me & what I do easily & have fun doing!

TPD:What are your feelings on black & white photos vs color photos?
KRISTIN: I love the bold colors that make you stop & take notice of even the smallest details, but there's something very dramatic about a black & white that allows you to freeze a moment to look at it without distraction. Perhaps a picture of a glance or a laugh smile between bride & groom or father & daughter in black & white you feel it.

TPD: What makes a great photo?
KRISTIN: Everything, but whether it's the correct composition, exposure, colors, content, and if it makes the viewer FEEL something (sad, happy, peaceful or excited) it's that feeling that is what makes the image really great!

Thank you Krisitn for sharing your work with us! We love working with you, because you truly are amazing!

The Perfect Details