Favorite Friday Vendor Spotlight: Confectionery Designs

They are elegant, fun, delicious, and amazing! The Perfect Details caught up with Mark and Marie Soliday of Confectionery Designs to find out more a out their fabulous cakes!

TPD: When and where did Confectionery Designs get started?

MARIE: Mark has always loved cooking. He used to cook along with his grandmother, who was very passionate about food. Mark is a graduate of CIA, New York and has been a Pastry chef for over 20 years . Confectionery Designs was launched in Newport in 2001.

TPD: What do you love about your business?

MARIE: Everything...We love striving to produce the highest quality cakes with innovative designs. We love when we walk into the room and adding the final piece of the puzzle (the cake!!) We love the variety of clients, our favorite bride is one that doesn't order off the menu, they may bring in a dessert or sweet for us to recreate. Our clients...I can't stress how important they are to us. We develop such wonderful relationships with them. It's important to us as we look through past cakes that they are not a number, that we refer the cakes as "Jennifer's cake" or "Mary's cake."

TPD: What has been the most challenging project/cake you have had to design?

MARIE: This is a tough question!!! We have been very grateful for all our clients and have been blessed with some wonderful experiences. Having a cake outside in the extreme heat always adds a little worry. Having a refrigerated is a "must" in the business especially with humidity. With these hot days, we always deliver the cake as close to the reception start time.. With the cake coming directly from the refrigerated van, we never have any problems.

TPD:What is your favorite cake flavor, and what do most clients choose?

MARIE: Personally, re-creating the German Chocolate Cake. My grandmother used to make me that cake for my birthday. We had a bride who requested it and we did a caramel cream with shredded coconut and folded in crushed pecans dragees. I can't put into words how it tasted! For the vanilla lover, our most popular sellers would be Lemon Chiffon and Fresh Berries and for the "choco-holics" Ferrero Rocher.

The Perfect Details would like to thank Marie for chatting with us! We love working with you and wish you, Mark, and your staff great success!

Telephone: (401) 413 6851