Traditional & Trivial Tuesday: What do all the colors mean?

So many colors to choose from. Some of us have been set on our colors since we were little girl's, while others have no idea what they want. Here is a little background on what the following colors mean.

Ivory - Elegant, old-world, and soft-spoken.

Champagne - Refined and traditional, rich and conservative, a vintage feel.

Lavender - Soft, dainty, and ladylike.

Pale pink - Happiness, playfulness, and fun.

Hot Pink- "Girl power" filled with energy and edge.

Red- Passionate, dramatic, and filled with desire.

Coral- Indie vibe, caribbean or middle eastern feel, a fresh look.

Yellow - Optimism, cheerfulness, an appreciation for friendship.

Gold - Lavishness, luxury, warmth, and tradition.

Aqua- Fun-loving, fresh, and vibrant.

Royal Blue- Grand and traditional

Navy Blue - Ultra classic or preppy.

Purple- Strong historic royalty

Silver- Restrained warmth, glamour, and sophistication

Green - Modern sensibility

Black- Sophisticated, mysterious, assertive, and nostalgic

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