Favorite Friday Vendor Spotlight: Ormonde Productions

The Perfect Details got the inside scoop about Ormonde Productions. Check out their amazing company and what they can do for you event!
TPD: Where and how did Ormonde Productions get started?
Ormonde: About 20 years ago we were on the entertainment side of special events and were inspired by all the beautiful events that we were exposed to around the country and dedicated to launch our own lighting design company, which launched into what we are today!

TPD: What does Ormonde Productions provide clients with?
Ormonde: We also provide various lighting and decor options to make reception areas look its best. For each wedding and event that we hold at any venue we aim to transform the space to fit each client's personality and vision. In terms of lighting and decor- ballroom/tent lighting, band and dance floor lighting, monogram/projection lighting, pinspot lighting of tabletops centerpieces, various chandelier/lantern lighting, exterior lighting, and variety of lounge furniture are some of the more popular options.

TPD:What is the most popular or a must that clients have at their weddings?
Ormonde: The most popular service we provide is uplighting. Unless you've seen our work, you would never expect lighting to be able to truly transform a plain space into something really special the way that it does. We use wireless LED lights that can achieve any color on the spectrum. A lot of clients take advantage of the color selectable uplighting, which we recommend to change three times throughout the night; a walk in color for a "WOW" effect, a warm candlelight dinner color, and a party color to get guests in the mood to dance.

TPD: What is a specialty item that only Ormonde Productions has/uses?
Ormonde: We have many hanging lampshade and crystal decor options that are unique to our company exclusively. They are becoming very popular as it is a beautiful addition to any event.

TPD: Why do you love what you do?
Ormonde: Ormonde Productions staff loves what we do because each and every event that we work is someone's special day. Weddings in particular, our services combined with other vendors come together to bring a vision to life. We work with such amazing people it is a pleasure to call this our job.

The Perfect Details would like to thank Ormonde Productions for being so amazing! Congratulations for all your success. We love working with you.