Favorite Friday Vendor Spotlight: Richelle Dante Photography

Santa Barbara, California

The Perfect Details had a chance to work a wedding all the way in sunny California. While there we met Richelle Dante of Richelle Dante Photography. We loved working with her and wanted to know more about her and her amazing photography.
Butterfly Beach - Santa Barbara, California

TPD: How did you start in photography?
Pasadena, California

RICHELLE: I started with a photography class at my church which happened to be taught by three of the top wedding photographers in California. I saw that wedding photography didn't have to be boring and super posed but could be more artistic and photo journalistic. After that class, I was like a sponge and soaked in any knowledge of photography I could. I shot my first wedding about a year later.

Los Angeles, California

TPD: Where is "home base" for you?

RICHELLE: I am based in Orange County in the sunny state of California!

Los Angeles, California

TPD: Do you have a favorite time of day to shoot?

RICHELLE: I love shooting right before sunset! The light is pretty and soft and makes for great back lighting!

Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

TPD: What is a location you dream of shooting a wedding in?

RICHELLE: Anywhere in Italy! My friend got married in a tiny chapel on a hill in Florence, Italy and it was one of the most gorgeous weddings I've ever been to. Unfortunately I wasn't a photographer then so I didn't shoot the wedding. If I don't get to shoot a wedding there, then that is where I will be getting married. :)

Las Vegas, Nevada

TPD: What are your hobbies when you aren't shooting weddings?

RICHELLE: When I'm not shooting weddings, I'm shooting babies. I love the variety of shooting both weddings and babies. I also love taking my dogs to the dogs beach, grabbing Starbucks with friends, snowboarding and traveling.

Santa Barbara, California

TPD: What advice would you give to couples regarding their wedding day?

RICHELLE: Enjoy your day! Let your planner deal with the details and enjoy and soak in every moment. The day goes by so quickly and I've seen too many brides worry about the small things instead of enjoying the fact that she is now married to the love of her life! Also, be sure to have a photographer you like and trust. Your photographer is with you for a major portion of your wedding day so you want to make sure you click with them. (Pun intended!)

Irvine, California

The Perfect Details thanks Richelle for her time! We are so glad we were able to share our first West Coast wedding with you and hope for many more! (and we'd love to get you on the East Coast too!)

Our beautiful Friday Featured Vendor : Richelle Dante!