Favorite Friday Vendor Spotlight: Mike Picard Videography

The Perfect Details caught up with Mike Picard of Mike Picard Videography to learn more about the man behind the video camera, what makes him tick, and what clients really want.

TPD: When and how did you get involved in videography?

MIKE: I started shooting video when I was about 13 years old as I was the designated video person in my family of 8 people. My dad had bought one of the first camcorders that was out and basically told me that I was going to be the person to film all of the family party’s and things seeming as though I liked anything to do with technology. I did these kinds of videos all through my teen years. Once I had gotten out of high school I had a couple of different retail related full time jobs and realized that this wasn’t for me. I still had the passion for something more in the A/V field. I was into home theater and video and really anything that had to do with it. I started asking around if anyone knew of any video companies were looking for help. I come across this one man and he was nice enough to let me tag along on a couple of weddings with him and soon after I was getting paid to do this and helping him out. In the beginning I asked if I could just watch and learn and not even receive pay from him. He said sure and started taking me out on jobs with him. His name was Andy and he was from North Attleboro area and I wish I could find him now some seventeen years later to thank him for giving me the chance. I worked with him for about a year and it was the best year of my life. He taught me the bare bones on setting up shots and framing and basically everything that comes right down to the bare essentials when t come to composition. He was slowly getting out of the weddings end of the filming and going more towards cooperate jobs and that was something that bored me. I then moved onto another company and after about four more years of getting even more experience I then opened my own company and the rest as they say is history.

TPD: What makes Mike Picard really special?

MIKE: Well I’d have to say that I am probably the longest running video company in the state that is also still the busiest thank god. I am really particular and very OCD. Therefor I am real particular on how this company is run. I get back to people within a few hours of an inquiry, phone call, or email. I strive to keep up with the latest in both technology and techniques. We have a great turn around rate which is normally in less than two months. That is huge considering we have almost 85 weddings booked this year. I guess over all it is the persistence in which we continue to keep moving forward as we continue to put more and more years under our belts.

TPD: Is there one specific video special that every client always asks for? If so what.

MIKE: We have been becoming more and more known for “the video recap”, this is a quick 3 to 4 min recap of their special day all edited to the tune of one song in which we choose together both the bride and groom and myself. I very seldom let the couple pick the song and more times than none I pick it for them. I try to find a song that will sit well with them. We put a lot of time into these recaps and they really are a hit with all of our couples. We also do same day edits in which are very much like our recaps but are done on location that same day as the wedding and are shown in High Definition on are new HD projectors and usb players. This again is something that has a lot of thought involved and not just thrown together. When we do these same day edits we have a scripted timeline all set up and ready to go well over a week before the weeding even happens. When the actual wedding comes we know exactly what shots we need for which parts of the song and basically build the full puzzle as the day goes on. All of our same day edits have a minimum of three, sometimes four people on staff that day to make sure everything runs smoothly and no one is stressed. The guests do not know what they are about to see as it starts off with just a small basic picture montage then dissolves to the footage of the very beginning of the day and leads right up till there first dance. This is something you have to experience if you haven’t already.

TPD: Why do you feel having your wedding or event recorded is so important?

MIKE:Now more than ever we are seeing that more and more couples are getting a wedding video. As the years pass brides and grooms are becoming more and more aware of the necessity of getting a good wedding video. If you figure that your spending let’s say 40 to 50 thousand dollars average on your wedding day, only 5% of that can get you a real nice wedding film. It sounds like a corny quote but they say a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth then? Think about this, one second of video has twenty nine still images you do the math. The biggest regret on a bride and grooms wedding day is not having a professional wedding videographer. There’s no other way to truly re live the day.
TPD: Why do you love what you do?

MIKE: I love doing this because of the feelings we bring to all of our customers. Many of today’s jobs go unnoticed and un appreciated. We continue to receive thank you cards with nice long letters telling us how grateful they are for having us document their wedding day. That is what it’s all about, making our couples happy. This makes us happy!

The Perfect Details wants to thank Mike for his time and also his amazing work!