Favorite Friday Vendor Spotlight: Nikki Cole Photography

The Perfect Details and Nikki of Nikki Cole Photography discussed not just what makes a great photo, but what makes a great photographer like Nikki.

TPD: How did you get involved in photography?

NIKKI: I started in the wedding industry as a planner for 10 years. Then on the off season, I worked as an assistant for an amazing photographer who needed some last minute help. On that job, he let me play around with a spare camera. I fell in love immediately. And he liked having an assistant who knew so much about weddings. I spent the next year going on jobs with him and learning to shoot in his studio. It just snowballed from there.

TPD: What makes a great photo?

NIKKI: The perfect photo gives a glimpse into a person's soul. The perfect photo is one that you look at and know exactly what the people in the photo are thinking and feeling. The best compliment is when someone looks at one of my photos and feels like they're actually there in the moment. I had one client tell me they could almost smell what was happening in a photo!

TPD: What is the most challenging part of your work?

NIKKI: It's pretty physical. We spend long hours on our feet carrying heavy equipment. It requires that you stay in pretty good shape. I don't love that part, but it is great motivation to get to the gym!

TPD: What are your feelings on black & white photos vs color photos?

NIKKI: The color (or lack of color) in a photo can completely set the mood. Vibrant colors can add great energy to a photo. But the simplicity of black and white can be so dramatic. It goes further than that though. Beyond color, you can look at tone, contrast, shadow and highlight. They all contribute to the impact of a photo.

TPD: Why do you love what you do?

NIKKI: How much time do you have? Photographing the special moments in a person's life is such an honor. I'm trusted to blend in and understand what is happening immediately and then document a once in a lifetime moment. In a small way, I'm making a real mark on people's lives. All this, and I get to be creative and be my own boss. I couldn't imagine doing anything else

The Perfect Details wants to thank Nikki for her time and talent! We look forward to working with you again soon!