Trending Tuesday: One-bite Appetizers

We love seeing trends in food. Some of the trends we love more than others. We also love bite sized foods for a cocktail hour at a wedding. Nothing is more unwieldy than trying to balance a drink, conversation and food at the same time. Bite sized (and I mean one bite - pop it in your mouth) appetizers are really fantastic flavor bombs when done the right way. Some of our favorite pieces of inspiration come from the famed Peter Callahan or Martha Stewart. Make sure to go to our Pinterest page - Catering Inspiration - to check out many more delightful bites! Maybe you'll see something that inspires you for YOUR wedding. What one-bite appetizer would you like to see done? A deep fried Reuben egg roll bite? A S'mores shooter? A grilled cheese sphere with a tomato soup filling? Leave us a comment and let us know!