Trending Tuesday: Gemvara's new Diamond Selector

We here at The Perfect Details love all things sparkly and shiny - especially jewelry! Gemvara just launched this diamond selector feature that easily narrows your search for the price and 4 Cs you desire with a swipe of the mouse.  What is completely unique is Gemvara also curates a collection of the best value diamonds based on your preferred criteria for you with the GIA certificate for each diamond easily clickable beside each. You can still search the thousands of diamonds Gemvara offers, or if you prefer have the experts at Gemvara narrow it down for you. This tool will soon be mobile so you can browse diamonds from anywhere. 

It's already cool enough that you can shop for diamonds and all other beautiful gemstones in your PJ's on your laptop - but now to be able to pick a specific diamond?? What is not to love about this??

You can also see it in action here, just change the center stone to diamond and click "select your diamond" or "select a different diamond".

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