Trending Tuesday: Bridal Portraits

Happy Tuesday! We are enamoured with the Southern custom of the traditional bridal portraits. they act as a rite of passage for Southern debutantes or Southern Belles alike. Even this time tested tradition has evolved and changed over the years. Originally, the portaits were done in a photographer's studio before the wedding and the bride was usually pretty stoic and almost never smiling. Brides still opt to do a studio sitting for their portraits but they are also looking for a more unique and personalized look. A lot of them like to take advantage of natural light and nature or their wedding venue. We think a bridal portrait sitting is a great way to get to know your photographer and trying out your hair and makeup and florist. We love the idea of doing this all in a more relaxed environment rather than fitting it in the fast paced energy of the wedding day. These days it is more common to use a couple but there was a time when the bridal portrait was the accepted format for the wedding announcement. 

What do you think of this Southern tradition? Do you think it should travel its way up North? We certainly do!