Memorial Day: Honoring our Military

Photo via  Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Memorial Day means many things in the United States - a three day weekend, picnics and barbeques with family and friends and the unofficial start to summer. Do you really know why we celebrate Memorial Day? Recently I was reminded WHY we do and I wanted to share my story with you. 

Yesterday I was in an antique store shopping around and looking for something that would catch my eye. I found a small book and went to go and purchase it. While I was waiting to pay there was a young man, probably in his 20's, asking the owner about selling his military gear - boots, coats and other items of clothing - all pretty new. He wanted to make some money to pay his bills as he had recently been discharged from the Army and had no job at the time.  The owner said he didn't really have any demand for new equipment and sent the man on his way.

Here was a young man who had served our country and he was in a bad place. He was looking to sell his belongings to make ends meet. Why he did not have a job or was trying to find a job really bothering me and still making me think today. There are means for this person to help him acclimate back into society and get him further educated and employed but he needs to be proactive in doing this. He clearly was not in that state of mind and that was heartbreaking to me. I am hoping he has the strength to be strong and help himself by reaching out to those around him that want to help him. 

The next time you see someone from the miltiary, thank them for their service. You will make their day and remind them why we are all proud to be Americans every day and not just on Memorial Day.