Yummy Monday: Chinese Wedding Appetizers

Happy Monday! Did you all "survive" the hour ahead from daylight savings? If you're like me, you are so happy for the extra hour of daylight but sad that you missed an hour of sleep. Oh well, be that as it may, it's now Monday and today on "Yummy Monday" we're featuring Chinese-American Wedding Appetizers.  There are so many Chinese appetizers that translate so well for a wedding because they are small and intended to eat with chopsticks which means they are portable! We found a great collection of Chinese-American appetizers to try out. 

These cute and monogrammed take-out boxes are totally portable and easy to eat on the go. What's inside? Noodles? Stir Fry? Salad? The possibilities are endless! We've even seen delicious cupcakes in take-out boxes!
Take-Out Box Appetizer | Photo Credit: Brad and Nicole Wolf / Sota Dzine

Deep fried and salty - perfect with a cocktail!
Shrimp Toast : Photo credit & recipe by No Recipes

These packages of deliciousness are easy to love and eat!
Momofuku Mini Pork Buns | Photo & recipe Credit: Food 52

I love the crimping of these rangoons into square and more modern styling. 
Crab Rangoon | Photo & recipe credit: RasaMalaysia.com

Long Beans are similiar to green beans and easily make a great veggie appetizer!
Panko Crusted Chinese Long Beans : Photo & recipe credit by: Disney Insider

We think boneless spareribs at a wedding are a little more feasible because there is no bone and less mess.
Chinese Boneless Spareribs | Photo & recipe credit: Ginzu Creative Cooking

We love the coconut peanut sauce for this appetizer which makes it vegan, vegetarian but most importantly delicious!
Crispy Tofu with Coconut Peanut Sauce: Photo & recipe credit: Heather Cristo

Donna Kim