DIY - Cupcake Box


This is the perfect party favor for a shower or birthday.


Used a heavy weight scrapbook paper/ card stock

Scissors, Cutting Mat, Metal Ruler, Double Sided Tape, Grey Lead Pencil, Kindy Glitz


1.Depending on how big your bases are cut circles for lids(mine are about 11cm across) Fold/ score into quarters and cut one whole quarter out. But be sure to leave just enough edge on one side for the tape to stick on and neatly tuck under at the end.

2. Score evenly around your box dividing each quarter into 4 again. I used something small and round to trace around to mark out each scallop. Cut scallops out and fold on the score. If putting a hair bobble on the top for a cherry like mine punch a hole in the centre at this stage- makes it easy for the elastic to fit through.

3. Optional decorative finish- Dry brush edges and detail with kindy glitz, leave to dry.

4. Lay out your pre bought cup cake patty pan bases. ( I suppose you could make you own if you wanted) Fill with goodies.

5. Use Double sided tape to stick lids together so that they form a cone shape. Make sure you enclose the elastic at this stage leaving the hair bobble sticking out to look like a cherry. Join with a piece of sticky tape from base to lid. This acts as a hinge. FINISHED.

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