DIY - Gold Dotted Vases

Materials used:

  • Glass vessel of some kind (I used stemless wine glasses)
  • Gold permanent paint pen. I used two kinds - a Sharpie oil based paint pen in metallic gold and an Elmer's Painters opaque metallic paint marker in gold (I really liked the Elmer's pen)


Clean glass to remove all residue.

Starting at the bottom of the glass or vase, freehand polka dots with the gold pen. I made a freeform pattern focusing on more polka dots towards the bottom of the glass and gradually spacing the dots farther apart as I went up the glass until you get near the top with very few dots. I used two different gold pens that had a very slight color difference, just enough to add a little layered interest. I added one layer of dots in one color, and randomly placed dots with the other pen after the first layer dried, overlapping some dots, especially towards the bottom of the glass. You develop a rhythmic pattern as you're doing it. It's kind of relaxing, actually! Let it dry and enjoy your craftiness.

Photo and Instruction Source:

DIYDonna Kimgold dots, glasses