DIY - Sea Glass Vases



  • glass vases, bottles, jars, votives ( whatever you like)
  • rubbing alcohol
  • flat , soft paint brush
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paint in Frost- color Sea Lavender. (found at most craft supply stores) Make sure you buy the GLASS PAINT, which is usually kept in a separate area of the store with other glass paints.


Clean the glass with soap and water. Dry it. Then clean it again with rubbing alcohol. This removes an residual oil or residue.

Put a dollop of paint on your brush an start painting your vase in ONE direction. I started my strokes going VERTICALLY from top to bottom. Add more paint to your brush as needed. Continue until covered. TIP: to hold your bottle or vases, place your hand or fingers inside the bottle neck.

Allow to dry 15 minutes then REPAINT but this time paint in the opposite direction- Horizontally. I found that a second coat covered the glass better and eliminated most brushstrokes. The paint is dishwasher safe if air cured for 21 days or you can follow the baking directions the manufacturer recommends.

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