DIY Sock Bun


What an easy and fun hairstyle for any occasion! You'll need a sock, a pair of scissors, and bobby pins. Follow these easy steps:


  1. Pull hair back into a high ponytail and secure with elastic. Cut off toe area of the sock. Roll fabric down into a doughnut shape.
  2. Place sock doughnut at the end of your ponytail. Smooth hair over the doughnut, tucking ends under and dispersing it evenly. Being to roll the sock and hair down.
  3. Flip bottom of the sock doughnut upward from inside with both hands. Tuck loose strands underneath the doughnut. Once the sock doughnut has reached the base, fix gaps in the bun's structure by spreading out the hair evenly.
  4. Secure any hairs with bobby pins.




Source: Beauty Lish