Favorite Friday Vendor: Kahootz Wedding Band


The Perfect Details loves music, and when it comes to bands, Chris Cole of Kahootz knows what it's all about. Check out what he had to say about Kahootz.

TPD: Where did Kahootz get its name, and how did it get started? CHRIS: I was walking down the hall talking rather unfavorably about someone and used the word kahootz to describe what they were up to. I stopped and thought about if for a minute and thought "hey that would be a great name for a band " a year later I formed Kahootz.

TPD: What makes Kahootz an ALL STAR band? CHRIS: Two questions in one. Most bands will say they have the best talent - and some of them do but for a band to be a true all star group they also have to have the discipline to play the music as good as it can be done. This is what divides the men from the boys. Kahootz does have the very best talent, but we play the music so that when people hear us they go "Wow!"

TPD: When a potential client is deciding between a band and a DJ, what advice do you give them? CHRIS: Decide what kind of party you want to have. In my opinion DJ's and bands create totally different kinds of parties. Don't get me wrong, a DJ is the correct choice for a certain client. To me that's a client who's idea of a perfect party is "my guests will dance if they want to, they'll also be at the bar if they want to or hanging out with old friends if they want to. The client who wants a party where everyone is on the dance floor shaking their brains out and having gut busting fun wants a band. A DJ cannot create the level of energy a GREAT live band can. Also many people feel live music gives their affair elegance and sophistication.

TPD: How many events do you do annually? CHRIS: 65-70

TPD: Why do you love what you do? CHRIS: When we come to work everyone is happy to see us - when we're finished they're even happier! Pretty cool!

Thanks Chris for your time to chat about the amazing Kahootz. The Perfect Details looks forward to working with you again soon!


All photos by Kristin Spencer Photography