Favorite Friday Vendor: Rabbi David Kudan

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This Friday This Friday The Perfect Details features Rabbi David Kudan of The Bryant Street Shul in Malden, Massachusetts. We asked him a few questions about Jewish wedding ceremonies as well as interfaith ceremonies. Check out what he had to say.

A wedding performed by Rabbi Kudan and a minister at the Emmanuel Church. The couple are members of Boston Jewish Spirit, a Jewish congregation who share the building with the Emmanuel Church congregation.


TPD: When and why did you become a rabbi? RABBI KUDAN: I was ordained a rabbi at Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion in 1987. The course of study normally includes a year in Jerusalem, and four years in the U.S. I spent a year in Paris studying biblical languages at the Catholic Institute and working at a Paris synagogue. I became a rabbi because I am passionate about Jewish culture and about bringing people closer to Judaism. I also love help people find ways to bring out the meaning of the events in their lives by exploring the sacred dimension of their experiences and creating ceremonies that reflect their values and personal commitments.

TPD: Have you conducted any ceremonies of couples that are of mixed religions? RABBI KUDAN: I have conducted many interfaith, ceremonies, often with clergy of other faiths, including Christian - Catholic, Orthodox, Maronite, and Protestant of many denominations, Hindu, and Buddhist. I also have participated and helped design many multi-cultural and multi-lingual ceremonies, in the U.S. and abroad including customs from Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, French, Danish, Puerto-Rican, Columbian, Mexican, French, Irish, German, Sri-Lankan, Indian, and other cultures.

TPD: Do you find most wedding ceremonies you perform are for members of your own congregation or non-members? RABBI KUDAN: Mostly for non-members.

TPD: What are your personal favorite part(s) about the wedding ceremony? RABBI KUDAN: I find it most meaningful when the couple are completely present -- and focused on one another at the ceremony. I enjoy the special personal touches that couples include -- for example when they write personal statements that introduce their vows, or choose for the seven blessings texts that they have found or have asked friends or family to compose for them.

TPD: Why do you love what you do? RABBI KUDAN: I love what I do because I know that I can add a special dimension to weddings by creating a flow that is seemless, and setting a tone that balances the sacred solemnity of the moment with a sense of joy, with warmth, and with a spontaineity that allows for an embrace of the unexpected.

Thank you Rabbi Kudan. The Perfect Details wishes you a happy holiday season and we look forward to working with you again in the future.