Must Do Monday - Lace-Patterned Pumpkins

There is still time to create one of these gorgeous Lace-Patterned Pumpkins! Leave it to Martha Stewart to turn a pumpkin into a romantic lantern. lace_pumpkinft023_pumpkin16_xlft023_pumpkin17_xlft023_pumpkin18_xl


  • Pumpkin or Squash
  • Wood-carving tools


STEP 1: Select a pumpkin or squash such as Lumina, spaghetti squash, or Blue Hubbard. For this project, small pieces of pipe can also be used to make cuts and punch out circles from the gourd.

STEP 2: Cut an opening in the bottom of your pumpkin. Scrape out the seeds and most of the flesh. Place a length of masking tape around the circumference of the gourd as a carving guideline. Start cutting.

STEP 3: The going gets easier once you've circled the pumpkin with a pattern -- just keep following it, adding more bands of cuts. If you carve a small, simple design that doesn't feed the candle much air, make an air hole on one side to help it burn.


Photo and Direction Source: via Martha Stewart Living October 1994