cookies, cakes & all things sweet


Our list is ever-changing and growing. If you don't see your favorite or want something unique, drop us a line. We love a good challenge!

cake ~ cupcakes

classic white
dark chocolate *
vanilla #
carrot #
gingerbread #
red velvet


American buttercream
cream cheese
Italian buttercream
French buttercream
whipped chocolate ganache


potato chip toffee *
Christmas wreaths (seasonal)
chocolate English crisps


pecan sticky buns
fruit danish

EVERYDAY cookies

classic chocolate chip * #
spicy gingerbread * #
classic sugar * #
classic shortbread
potato chip
peanut butter * #
chocolate brownie * #


Italian rainbow
raspberry almond hearts * #
French macaron * #
corn cookies *
chocolate sandwich cookie
chocolate peppermint brownie * #
chocolate peanut butter brownie * #
angel kisses * #


lemon tea loaf
pumpkin tea loaf
lemon tea loaf
vanilla tea loaf
banana bread loaf


* can be made without gluten
# can be made without dairy

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Please note that if we are not baking in your kitchen as part of an event or personal chef services, our goods are baked in a commercial kitchen that processes gluten, peanuts, tree nuts and dairy.

We strongly caution individuals with severe nut, wheat, and dairy allergies against consuming our commercially baked goods. Before placing your order, please advise if you have a food allergy.