Joya to the World

Yesterday I had to drive in the first snowfall of the season and do a meeting and then head up to my wonderful friend Joanne, the owner of Joya Beauty. For those of you who are not in the know, Joya Beauty is a little oasis in Dover, New Hampshire. Joanne is not only a great friend and person, but a gifted artist of makeup and all things skin. After a lovely facial in which she used the new Clarisonic brush (just mentioned as one of Oprah's favorite things!), she mixed up a new custom foundation for moi! I kept looking at my face in the rear view mirror while I was driving home because I loved how it looked! After lunch her wonderful husband made lunch and I was able to spend a little time with my "boyfriend", Romeo, one of her golden retrievers. If you're looking for a great idea for a gift (or need to give a hint to someone for a great idea), Joanne sells makeup palettes which are totally customizable. You can call or email her, buy a blank palette and a gift certificate and be done! She will ship it right to you. The gift of beauty can be a facial, microdermabrasion, custom lipstick or some of the lovely skin products she carries. And then you can take a day, pamper yourself at Joya and walk away with some makeup! It's the gift that keeps giving. I will be carrying some of her products on my e-store so stay tuned.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
The Perfect Details