A Groovy Kind of Love

So... it's Sunday morning, you wake up, you brush your teeth, you decide... YOU WANT COFFEE. Where do you go? Chances are if you want a cup o' joe, you're going to head to Starbucks. Well, on April 13, if you were at the Starbucks in Watertown Square around 11:30am, you might have seen a PROPOSAL! Yes, my friends, KATY, beautiful KATY got engaged!

So it all started on Friday night when I started getting text messages from Steve, Katy's BF. He said "You gotta get Katy to Starbucks in Watertown Sq. on Sunday." OK... I'm thinking why? The words "I'm going to propose to her" never actually were texted to me or said (as Katy was in the other room or somewhere nearby when Steve was texting me). But when I asked "Should I bring a camera?" and he said "Yeah, bring a camera". I started to do to a dance in the house and get all excited." And then I was thinking - Could I do it?" Could I be the lure? Could I get Katy to Starbucks? Of course I could!

Now I won't go into all the details but Saturday, I actually saw Katy at her job as she was working and I was there with a client. Katy was working on an invitation job for me and I was supposed to bring something for her to finish the job. Of course I "FORGOT" what I needed to which, in retrospect, must hae been totally annoying to Katy but I "casually" said, "Why not meet me at a Starbucks in Watertown on Sunday after I do some errands?" OK she said.

So, here it is Sunday. THE DAY! Steve is calling me - nervous -
Steve: "Donna - it's CROWDED at Starbucks. I don't know if I can do it!"
Me: " Just look at her when you come in, you don't have to shout it to the world, when she sees you, she will know" JUST LOOK AT HER. (It's like the speech I give to brides about looking at the man they are going to marry at the end of the aisle. No one else matters.)

So, of course Katy has to text me and say, "Want to go somewhere else for a salad?"
NOOOOOO I NEEEED COOOFFFEEEE! (That's how I responded)
She most definitely thought I was psycho now but onward she came to Starbucks.

Now, Starbucks is where Katy and Steve first met. And from what I gather, they have not been back since so Steve was smart in knowing he couldn't just say "Hey, Katy, let's go to Starbucks where we first met."

KATY WOULD TOTALLY HAVE FIGURED IT OUT. You should know, Katy is one of the most organized and intutive people I have ever met. She never is surprised, she is always prepared. And I KNOW she wanted to figure out when Steve was going to propose.

So when she arrived at Starbucks with glasses on, fleece, (not that there is anything wrong with fleece) and hair pulled back, I thought to myself "I GOT HER!!! SHE HAS NOOOOO CLUE!

After she arrived, we ordered something, she sat down and I probably put my coffee down on the table for a second and then said "Gotta go to the ladies room!" From there I called Steve who had very smartly parked his car around the corner and was going to be there in 20 seconds. One-one thousand.... I started to count and got my camera out. I was so nervous! How was he feeling!?!?! :)

So out I come of the bathroom, and in he is walking towards her. She is clearly STILL CLUELESS - why are you here? I couldn't hear her because I had my camera and I was shaking and hiding behind Sumatra bags of coffee but I did manage to catch this:

And she said YES!!! Seriously, it was one of the sweetest and most romantic moments that I have ever witnessed and I was so happy and honored to be there!

And here is the happy couple! Newly engaged!


Steve, you did well!!!!! I am so happy for the both of them! And take a WILD guess where Katy will be getting her invites and all things paper for the wedding? You guessed it. Stay tuned in the next months for the fabulosity to unfold. :)

I'm sure I'm not the only one to feel like they should get free coffee for life (or at least on their anniversary!?)