We Got the Feet

My lovely friend Jenna recently had her baby shower and I was honored to be invited! It was a perfectly lovely day and she was literally SHOWERED with presents! Kind of like a thunder shower! I volunteered to make cookies and seeing that we had this "baby feet" theme , I decided to make sugar cookies that look like feet and then ice them PINK since she's having a girl. In addition, I was inspired by Martha Stewart's Cupcake week and created a tiny version of the S'more cupcake. They were so cute and toasty with their marshmallow tops. I got to use my kitchen torch and the entire house smelled like toasted marshmallows! (That would be a great scent for Yankee Candle but I digress)
Jenna's mother made some very yummy baked goods too. There were raspberry squares, apricot squares, chocolate cookies, almond cookies and Jenna's mother in law made pizelles. All delish!
That little baby has some loving parents and grandparents!! :) It was great FUN! You can't say that about too many baby showers but leave it to Jenna to have a very lovely event!
SPRING has finally sprung and I'm trying to finish updating my website and getting more pics of some of the great invites I've done for clients. But enjoy the lilacs and try and avoid the pollen. :)