Take those lemons and make LEMONADE

It has been a loooong time since I've blogged and all I can say is "sorry"!! I promise (cross my heart <3 ) to be a better blogger.
Today there was something that happened that made me realize - I LOVE MY JOB and I wouldn't change it for the world!! All other things be damned! I am so lucky to be able to do what I do and to have the freedom to be creative and to meet such wonderful people!
OK, so how excited am I that The Perfect Details is going to Jersey!! Having gone to Hofstra University I definitely had friends and my fill of all things Jersey. Until I went back a few weeks ago with Lauren for a site visit, I forgot how much I felt "at home" when I was there. I will definitely be sneaking in a little shopping and diner action while in town. Lauren was initially my stationery client and I helped her with her vision for save the dates, invites, programs, candy labels, table numbers, you name it. I was sad that I wasn't going to see her walk down the aisle. That is probably one of my most favorite moments in a wedding. But as fate would have it, Lauren hired me as her wedding day coordinator and I couldn't be more thrilled. And in addition to meeting an new wonderful team of professionals, I get to bring my girl Rachael Berkowitz to do hair!! I promise to get this wedding and others that I need to get on my reviews section SOON! But until then, here are a few images from Lauren's pieces to get you in the mood. :)
I am always sentimental on the day of a wedding when I not only get to watch a client get married but someone who has also become a friend. :)