Going to the Chapel...

Ok, we're not really going to the Chapel tomorrow, but I think it is a cute song! It's been a busy week over here at The Perfect Details! We are going to be participating in the Seaside Wedding Show tomorrow at The Crane Estate AKA "Castle Hill" in Ipswich, Massachusetts! If you don't have anything else to do tomorrow between Noon and 4pm, come to The Crane Estate to see the best of the best! There will be photographers, cake, caterers, musicians and so much more. Plus your "favorite" wedding planner and invitation designer will be there as well! We also had the honor of designing and donating the invitations for this "Green Wedding Show". Some of us are designing tables. What am I doing? Well...scroll down to see the teasers. Check back here for pictures from the show! Happy Weekend to everyone!

The first person to leave a comment to tell me where
you saw the image above in our display at the Show gets a yummy prize!

mmm.... a rose cupcake!!!

What will we do with these bags of sugary fun? Stay tuned!