Friday FUN Day!

I'm going to guess that they did not use spell check. hm

Sometimes you just need to laugh, right? In light of all the sad things happening around the world, we found some photos that make us smile. I'm sure some of these things were not funny at the time, but hopefully time has softened the blow!

Here's to hoping we can make you smile this Friday as well! Have a wonderful weekend!

Cute picture holding the bride and groom sideways? FAIL

I don't know why but that song
"If I Could Turn Back Time"
will not leave my head.
(What do you think the next picture was??)

I don't know what is worse:
the stairway of leaning attendants
or the fact that the Groom is leaning the wrong way.
So much to ponder...

I can't tell -
do you think the woman
who is about the catch the bouquet is excited?

You know what?
I think the bridesmaid doesn't
like the necklace on the bride...
(I'm just sayin'...)

Thanks to and the good humor of brides and grooms out there that make these smiles possible. :)

The Perfect Details