Saving the Date with a Twist

Save the dates are an extremely important part of planning a wedding these days. With friends and family members often scattered all across the country (and sometimes even farther!) it is important to give them a detailed "heads up" about your up-coming nuptials to account for ample travel planning and ensuring that day is set aside in many busy schedules!

Over the years, we have designed a number of wonderful save the dates, from traditional cards to the ever popular picture magnet design. The great thing about save the dates is that they usually require very minimal information, and so there is a lot of opportunity to be creative! On top of the creative side, save the dates can be glamorous and over the top, both in price and in substance, but there are always new and exciting ideas to truly make a statement with your save the dates, but also to find ways of saving a bit of money. We turned to an expert on crafty wedding ideas-- Ms. Martha Stewart herself-- and found a slew of really unique concepts and designs. Some of these we would think would actually make great "favors" of sorts for an engagement party, such as the match-box version (image at the top of the post). But we also found another website where a bride designed some save the date ideas that not only incorporated a unique form of media, but also a hobby of hers-- vinyl records. We loved the idea of using a record as the base for the save the date, and even just the record image version truly makes a unique and personal statement! Another great personal touch-- hand writing the card, then sending the writing sample out to create a letterpress plate! Take a look at some of our favorites below,


Post its!

One of the desings with the Vinyl record theme

Actual Vinyl record as the save the date

Vinyl Record #2

Handwriting turned into letterpress

Thank you to and for the images!

The Perfect Details