Shower the People you Love with Love: Kristin & Kevin

Around this time last year I met Kristin and her mother as we started with the designing and planning of Kristin's wedding. I was thrilled when Kristin's Maid of Honor Katrina contacted me to design Shower Invitations as a SURPRISE to the bride! I jumped at the chance and create an invitation based on Kristin's colors of Navy and FUCHSIA. We used one of the Envelofolds from Envelopements, put it in a clear envelope and popped them in the mail. Do you know how hard it is to keep a secret like that from one of your clients? It's not easy!
But Kristin had a beautiful shower with a fun cocktail party vibe and the day after the shower I received an email thanking me for the shower invites! That made our day and we loved being a part of the shower! We hope the Bridesmaids sipped one of those yummy cocktails for us!

Now we're busy getting ready for Kristin and Kevin's wedding next month! We can hardly wait for it all to unfold for our beautiful bride!!

Happy Wednesday! It's supposed to be a scorcher out there today so stay cool!

Love the tissue paper lanterns!

Beautiful pink flowers and a picture of one of their four-legged members of their family!

The fabulous looking food table! YUM!

The Father of the Bride was responsible for all of this! Amazing!

What is not to love about these favors? m&m's and martini glasses!

We always love a good cupcake!

Advice from the Bridesmaids. I love this!

A beautiful Pink Peony from Kristin's home! She has been waiting patiently for these to bloom and guess what, after 2 patient years, they bloom the month before her wedding!
Thanks Mother Nature!

One of the light pink peonies. Can't you just smell its sweet perfume?
The Perfect Details