Knock knock... who's there?


It’s bright, exciting, and usually only associated with Halloween. It’s the color orange and guess what... it’s HOT! Sure pink can be fun too, but a vibrant orange is for those adventurous couples looking for a pop. An orange wedding cake, a pair of orange shoes, and even an orange wedding dress…well maybe the orange wedding dress is going too far, but hey when it’s your wedding anything goes.

Don't be fooled by these flowers they disguise themselves as roses but are actually called ranunculus
Look it how the bouquet and boutonniere match.
Mmm... looks like an afternoon reception wedding cake.
Mmm... defiantly an evening wedding cake.
Dorothy should have tried these before the ruby red slippers.
Here's the orange wedding dress...what do you think?
And of course we can't forget about the men... there's always something for everybody when you're playing with color.
Who doesn't want a decorative orange tree?
Orange curtains add to the decor.
And to top it all off an orange martini.