Ca-ching Ca-ching BLING!

It's shiny, it's fun, and it can be overdone! We all love glitz and glam; from the shoes, to the dress, and even the cake! Can you say Badazzled? We just can't resist the sparkle. Try adding some glitz to your wardrobe and brighten up your day and your smile! Shine on!

Here is the gorgeous ring which JP gave to Ashley on The Bachelorette... That is one shiny rock!

Those feet get sore dancing in those Jimmy Choo's, so why not throw on flip flops like these... the height + the bling = forget the Jimmy Choo's ... shhhh it will be our secret!

That dress might be a little blinding but it is defiantly blingging!

Notice how the rhinestones have the wedding date embedded in the shoe!

Whoa baby! Look at those nails!

How about an all Swavorski crystal bouquet?!

Broken foot for a wedding... no worries look what Serena Williams did!

mmmm edible diamonds!!! A girls best friend or enemy?