Vendor Spotlight: Pat Lally of South Shore Entertainment

Here at The Perfect Details we will be highlighting some of our favorite vendors... so make sure to check us out, so you can check them out. This week we are partying it up with Pat Lally of South Shore Entertainment. Music is key at any event, especially an awesome DJ who know's what beats to rock. The Perfect Details asked Pat a few questions to get to know him better, to find out what his top songs of 2011 are, and to find out what really gets a party started!

Patrick Lally, Owner of South Shore Entertainment

TPD: How long have you been in the business?
Pat: South Shore Entertainment has been in business approximately 11 Years.

TPD: What do you bring to the table that's different from other DJ's/entertainers?
Pat: I feel I bring a very focused commitment to my clients wants & needs. There are plenty of Great DJs out there. I try to always make sure I am listening to my client and not provide a cookie cutter approach to their special day.Their wedding day is about them and never about me. I am there to compliment their event, Not be the center of attention. It is my job to give my professional advice in the planning process but also honor anything they want to do. I have been DJ-ing for just over 20 years

TPD: What would you say have been the top "must have" songs of 2011?

Pat: So far this season there have been a few BIG songs that everybody has to hear and make everyone go crazy when played.

1. "LMFAO-Party Rock Anthem" is Huge right now and on everybody's Must play list. (people are using this one for the intros and then want to hear it again during the dancing portion of the night)

2. "Give Me Everything" by Pitbull, Anything by Pitbull is pretty much a have to be played song for the younger crowd.

5. "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas This one has been around now for 2 seasons but has proved it has to be played at every wedding. Young & older guests still love this one

TPD: What song do you feel is overplayed?
Pat: "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond. While I love this song, You hear it everywhere you go and not just at weddings. I suspect "Sweet Caroline" ties in with The Red Sox which keeps this one going.

TPD: Currently, what's the number one couple's first dance song?

Pat: Currently Brad Paisley's "Then" is the most requested first dance nationwide. I have only used that one a few times this season so far. Some popular ones I have been using lately are Dave Matthews-"You & Me" and also Ray Lamontagne-"You Are The Best Thing". Country music is so huge right now and many first dances are Country based even if the couple are not big country music people. The songs are romantic and nice and have terrific and fitting lyrics.
Photo credit: YaritzaColonPhotography

TPD: What would you say are the best songs to start an event with and to end anevent with?
I love using a song that builds slowly and gets really wild. When you have all of the guests up for a slow dance.
This is where a song like "I Gotta Feeling" is perfect.The long slow intro gets everyone fired up for what is coming. For completing a wedding I love going out on a big note. Similar to a comedian walking off stage when everyone is laughing hysterically. It is showmanship and you want to end on a high note. The best feeling in the world is having guests not wanting it to end. This will leave a feeling with them forever of them not wanting the wedding to be over. This is exactly what you want. Chris Brown -"Forever" is a terrific one to use for this.
TPD: Do you love what you do? and why?

I have been doing this full time now for over 8 years and I honestly feel like I am retired. It has never felt like work and I love what I do for a variety of reasons. I have always been a music fanatic. I love people and I love being a part of their special day.I am still flattered each time someone chooses me to be a part of their wedding or special event. I never take it for granted and only want clients to hire me because I am the right fit for them. Many of my clients have become Great friends who I see on a regular basis. When you look around at a packed Dance floor and see a Bride & Groom having the time of their life out there, it is the most rewarding feeling ever. You really cant believe you get paid to do this.

TPD: Do you offer other services that just Wedding DJ/MC-ing?

Pat:Yes! We do all kind of social parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate events, Training events and anything else that needs an MC or some great dancing music! We travel all over New England! We also offer Event Uplighting and Videography services. Ask us about our all-inclusive package that gives you DJ services, Videography and Event Uplighting for a great price! Mention that you saw this blog on The Perfect Details and we will give you a special bonus!

TPD: If someone wants more information or wants to get in touch with you, what's your contact info?

Please feel free to call me at
888-751-2410, email me at : or visit our website at:

Thanks Pat! We appreciate the time you took out of your busy wedding season to chat with us!