Who doesn't like presents?

Everyone has their favorite part of a wedding. For some it's the ceremony, others the food, many the open bar, which leads to the awesome dancing, and then there are the wedding favors, the keepsakes of the night. You can't go wrong with something edible, because we all like to eat, but then again it is always nice to have something sentimental, or maybe you're the wild bride and groom where a shot glass is the right momentum for you! Whatever it may be here are some fun idea's for your guest to help remember your most fabulous day!
Have mints with you at all times with this fresh breath key chain.
Another idea is to personalize it with your faces...who wouldn't want to see those faces.

Love bird salt and pepper shakers... so cute!
Fall is just around the corner, how about a leaf bottle opener.
The Perfect Details used a luggage tag as the place card... now that's a two for one deal!

Jackpot! gum ball slot machines! Someone's going home a BIG WINNER!
Fun but classy!

It doesn't matter if you're getting older, because just like when you were 5 years old you got a goody bag at a party, and guess what... you still do!