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Even though our intern Katerina is back at college, she shared the story of her grandparents as they celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary! We love a great story of love and congratulate George and Nitsa χαρούμενη επέτειο!

George and Nitsa: From an arranged marriage to 50 years of wedded bliss!

Here is their love story as written by their daughter, Kat's mother:

1960 - George was a handsome young man who served in the US Army in Germany just as Elvis Presley was enlisted at the same base. George was from Southern Greece, but as his father had served in World War I was born a US Citizen and proudly enlisted in the US Army. He hoped to find the love of his life on a trip home to visit his family in 1961. With the help of a family friend as a matchmaker, he was well on his way.

Nitsa was the daughter of a Greek Orthodox priest. Back in the 50s, Greece was very poor. In fact, running water and electricity were just installed in her village when she turned sixteen. She dreamed of meeting a handsome man that would take her away from her little village to some exotic land. Her dad had many contacts in the community, and at the ripe age of 16 it was time for her to be married.

While their villages were an hour apart from each other, there were many connections by horse and truck. Nitsa's village traded oranges, lemons, and olives with George's village which was known for walnuts, almonds, and apples.

Nitsa's father knew the local undertaker who was also a farmer. George's parents knew the undertaker because of their trade. The acquaintance was made. They were allowed to go out only if Nitsa's younger brother accompanied them. Within a few days, their engagement was announced. On one of their dates, they picked two oranges to symbolize their desire to have two children. Within two weeks they married. They had a big country wedding. The groom walked to church with band playing a guitar and flute. After the ceremony, the rice was "serenaded" with rice and traditional Greek dancing followed.

Within a few months, they moved to the United S. Nitsa, not knowing a word of English, immediately went to school to learn the language. And, almost as quickly was pregnant with her first child.

Fifty years and two children and four grandchildren later, their bond remains strong. They have raised a loving family and have served in various church and community groups. Nitsa always matches George's ties to her outfits. They are an adorable couple and we wish them many more years of continued health and happiness!!