Favorite Friday: Dana Markos Events

The Perfect Details caught up with Dana Markos of Dana Markos Events to ask this green thumb why he is so amazing!

TPD: How did you get involved in the floral/design business and how many years have you been at it ?

DANA: Before Dana Markos Events was formed, I had a career in Banking. I had always had a great interest in nature and flowers, so the transition from one industry to the other seemed right. I opened A Secret Garden, a floral shop in Ipswich MA named by my children, in 1994, and eventually began receiving so many orders for Weddings, that the event's industry took over my business and I decided to close the shop and begin designing from a private studio instead. Being in the business for more than fifteen years I have had the opportunity to work on some amazing events, and will continue to do so!

TPD: What makes Dana Markos Events unique?

DANA: What makes Dana Markos Events unique is our great attention to detail. We work hard to create innovative and imaginative concepts that help us stand out from other businesses. A great example of our detail work is in our signature bracelet that we apply to every bride's bouquet. We have the bracelet specially designed based on the color scheme and style of the Bride's wedding, and attach it to the handle of the bouquet. It's the little things that always make our clients say "Wow!".

TPD: What flowers are in season right now and what is the "go-to" flower that most clients choose?

DANA: The flowers that we have been using thus far this season have been hydrangea, calla lillies, roses, orchids, and many more, but the key to the season is the autumnal color pattern. The change from Summer to Fall is very visually stimulating with the bright pinks and whites of the Summer, to the oranges and reds of the Fall. Hydrangea is a popular flower that many clients have in their arrangements because it allows for the arrangements to look very full and lush. Adding flowers like ranunculus, roses, cymbidium orchids, etc. make the arrangements more personal and detailed and creates a very beautiful overall appearance. I don't believe in selling "packages" or anything remotely "cookie cutter" because I want my clients to be able to see themselves and their personal style in the designs that I come up with.

TPD: What is the most challenging part of what you do?

DANA: I think the most challenging part about designing for events is creating new ideas and concepts and being able to execute them perfectly. With different styles, colors, and themes that our clients come to us with, it is our responsibility to put together an amazing event that will have everyone amazed. When someone walks into a room that we have designed, we want them to feel like it has been transformed. If we finished designing and I felt like everything had been done before, I would be disappointed.

TPD: What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

DANA: The most rewarding part about what we do is seeing my initial concept come to life. From the first meeting with our client, to the day of the event, so much work is done, from drawing up plans, to ordering flowers, to the delivery, and to be able to see it come together is my favorite part of my job. Although meeting some really amazing clients and getting to work with some awesome vendors doesn't hurt either!

Thank you Dana for your time and talent. We love working with you and can't wait to see what you do next!