Favorite Friday: Joya Beauty

The Perfect Details loves working with Joanne McDonough of Joya Beauty skin care and makeup studios. We wanted to share with all of you what she does and why we lover her so much!

TPD: How did you get started in the Beauty business and when did you get started?

Joanne: I spent many years in a corporate environment and came to realize that was a good job but not a passion. I wanted to have a stronger connection with people, use the creative side of my brain as well as all the great tools learned in an office environment. Doing a makeup application, lesson or skin care treatment is a very intimate experience. My clients share very personal information. They share feelings, desires, and their insecurities. And I connect very personally with them.Touching a person’s face creates transference of energy for me. I didn’t realize that the other person felt it as well until I started getting many notes thanking me for “how they felt” as well as for how they looked after a visit or during their bridal makeup.

TPD: What makes Joya Beauty unique?

Joanne: I believe that my approach to custom blending a perfect color palette for lip colors and my expertise in airbrush makeup sets me apart. Also I "specialize" in attending to bridal parties attending to more than 50 each year. My definition of bridal makeup is a sophisticated, classic, timeless look that showcases the individual, to make her comfortable in her makeup so she feels pretty and smiles a lot for the camera. She wants to look beautiful to her groom and her guests who will see her close up as well as for the camera or video. In this age of High-def. photography and digital cameras, what you see is what you see. And I don’t want people to “see” makeup. I want them to see her eye color, her smile, and to think she looks fresh and rested and relaxed. I want them to see her beauty. I have to take into consideration the time of day – the light makes a huge difference as well. And typically, the event usually transitions from a daylight ceremony to an evening light even candle light reception. I often make them two different lip colors and give them some tips to amp up their makeup before they are announced into the reception. It’s all about having her feel confident. Personal space on a very important date – I am very physically close to them and have to be aware of the effect that has on different people. We need to establish rapport and trust.

TPD: What is a key element of make-up every bride MUST HAVE?

Joanne: I look for that special "spark" in each bride's face that makes her not only look but feel beautiful. I want her to look at her photos for years to come and remember how beautiful she looked. Some…it is their eyes color, so enhancing that with complimentary shadows is enough. But if I had to pick one product…I would say eye liner. It defines the eye and brings focus to her face even in group photos.

TPD: What is most challenging about what you do?

Joanne: The law of Physics limits me to be in one place at a time. I want to be at every bride's wedding that asks me to attend to her beauty preparations. I just love them all. That and convincing the bridesmaids that they will love having their makeup done as well. Unfortunately ladies have had an unpleasant experience with makeup applications at least once being part of a wedding party. Even though it is not "their day" they still want to look pretty for the occasion. I do my best to make that happen for them as well.

TPD: Why do you love what you do?

Joanne: What is not to love! I get to meet new people, make friends and in so many cases become part of their lives. Many of my Joya brides still come back for skin care treatments, makeup applications, products and I can re-create their bridal lipstick even for years to come. I love it when they bring their new babies over too.

Thank you so much Joanne for your time! We here at The Perfect Details look forward to working with you and your staff at Joya Beauty again soon!