Mindful Monday: "A Good Deed Brightens a Dark World"

I love this quote that we found on Pinterest and think it is a great thought for today and always. I don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes I feel like everyone and everything is against me. I especially feel like this when I drive in Boston. It seems like drivers are getting worse (If that is even possible) and I see more and more "drivers" disregarding rules and doing whatever they please.


They like to:

  • Drive straight through red lights AFTER they actually stop
  • Drive in a left turn only lane and then cutting everyone off and going straight while cutting off drivers. (Route 114/Peabody - what a nightmare) 
  • People who do not know how to enter, drive and exit in a rotary (Newton St. rotary drivers, I am talking to you)!

These things happen to me on a daily basis and can stress me out.

I am going to keep this quote in mind, especially when I drive, and be mindful to do a good deed for someone that I wouldn't normally do especially when I drive.

Let's try an experiment! I challenge you to try and do one good deed for someone when you drive.  Share your good deed on my comments. 

Donna Kim