Trending Tuesday: Best Wedding Apps

Did you just engaged over the holidays? Are you in the throes of planning? These days we are so in love with our phones that most of us cannot imagine life without our iphones, Droids, Galaxies, you name it! I know I am not the only person who has "lost" my phone in a panic and asked "Where's my phone?" when it's in the same place I always leave it. (ugh) Fast forward to your wedding day when you have a million things to remember. How can your phone help you? Here are some of our favorite apps out there to help you with your planning and your wedding day. 



1) Wedding Snap

How can you make sure you don't miss a moment of your special day? Wedding Snap makes sure you won't miss a beat by allowing you to instantly collect and get access to all of your guests' photos and videos in one fabulous online album. You can even have separate albums for the shower, rehearsal dinner and bachelor/bachelorette (with private album functions).  Did I mention you can have the images taken with Wedding Snap projected on a big screen and shared in real time at your reception? Amazing and totes genius. (starts at $99) 


2) Appy Couple 

A wedding website should reflect who you are as a couple and Appy Couple lets you build your own website (and app). Once you've created your wedding app with Appy Couple, you can plan on the go and keep your wedding guests in the loop throughout your planning process. Whether you want to share details about hotel and transportation or just let friends and family know where to find your registry, its  features are easy to use and ensure sure your wedding guests won't miss a beat (or the shuttle!) ($28 for wedding website and app)


3) Pinterest

This is probably my most favorite app ever!!! Pinterest has revolutionalized and changed the way we collect photos (remember magazine clippings?), ideas and inspiration. Create a board for specific items (invitation, wedding cakes, lighting) or even go rogue and create secret board that you share with your most trusted.  (Free; iTunes; Google Play; Windows Store)

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4) Vyclone

You will be on overload the day of your wedding so how can you make sure you see everything?  Tell friends and family to download Vyclone. The app aggregates all your guests' wedding videos and mashes them up into a seamless video. If you're super creative you can continue to edit the reel and add a soundtrack right from your phone. (Free; iTunes; Google Play; Windows Store)


5) Wedding Scan

WeddingScan is an intuitive wedding registry application that allows you to register for ANY item, at ANY store simply by scanning a product’s barcode with the WeddingScan iPhone app. If a product doesn't have a barcode, WeddingScan allows you to take a picture of it and add a brief description. Now you really can have your cake AND register for it too! ($2.99 iTunes)

Let us know what your favorite wedding app is! We'd love to know!

Donna Kim