Yummy Monday: Boston Wedding Food Ideas

Whether you are having your wedding at Fenway Park or Central Park, you can still have a taste of "Beantown" at your wedding by featuring food that is beloved in Boston.  When we have clients that are planning their wedding in Boston, they always want to feature something edible and enjoyable for their guests. We've found some great ideas to share with you today on Yummy Monday!

Fenway Franks 
I grew up in the Chicago area and that is probably where I got my education on "no ketchup" on a hot dog. But in Boston, the Fenway Frank can be adorned with sauerkraut,mustard, relish and even (gulp) ketchup. What a fun way to infuse some Boston "flavah" for your wedding!

Legal Sea Foods Clam Chowder
There are many verision of clam chodwder or "chowdah" but the New England version is so creamy and decadent and perfect for a wedding! Legal Sea Foods makes a pretty amazing version and you can even order it online and have it shipped to you!

Omni Parker House Boston Cream Pie Wedding Cake | Photo credit: Person & Killian Photography
It's not really a pie but a delicious cake with a yummy vanilla filling and a shiny chocolate glaze. We love this wedding cake version shot by the amazing ladies at Person & Killian!

Boston Baked Beans in Bacon Cups | Photo from Peter Callahan's "Bite by Bite" book
This is just a genius way to serve Boston Baked Beans - in a bacon cup! Everything tastes better with bacon, right?

Mini fish & Chips with Beer | Photo Credit: Con Poulos for Brides Magazine
Fish & Chips is decidedly British but since they settled here at Plymouth Rock, it's not surprising that Bostonians would also love it. Pair it with some great Boston based craft beer and you have a pairing worthy of a party!

fried clams.jpg

Woodman's Fried Clams | Photo credit: Woodman's
There are many versions of fried clams north of Boston but there is nothing fresher than having them fresh out of the fryer, sitting on a dock outside in the summer! You can even order the Woodman's recipe and they'll even send you a can of evaporated milk! Better yet, go to Woodman's and enjoy them in person!

What's your favorite Boston food? Let us know in the comments!