Wedding Wednesday: Cinderella inspired Wedding Details

If you love romantic movies, even if the ending is quite predictable, then I hope you have seen the new version of Disney's "Cinderella" starring the radiant and perfectly cast Lily James as the Princess Ella aka "Cinderella". Although I miss the musical numbers in the cartoon version, there are nods to the music and what you are wanting in music will more than be made up for in the visual. The costumes and gowns are spectacular. I love the attention to detail and a re-invented wedding gown in a deep and luscious ivory that is strewn with the most gorgeous embroidered flowers that you wish you could just pick from the dress and inhale their sweet perfume! In honor of "Cinderella" and all things romantic, we found some beautiful images for Wedding Wednesday to inspire the inner princess in all of you!

Instead of risking the breaking of many invitations, you could send a clear and acrylic version of a wedding invitation to set the mood for your Cinderella themed day! 
Photo source: Cakelights

It's not exactly "Cinderella Blue" but this beautfiul dress is very close to that exquisite  ball gown color. We even read that the "best part" of playing Cinderella was wearing that amazing gown! We can see why!
Cornflower Blue Bridesmaid Dress | Photo source: Allure Bridal

There is a definite timeless quality to this stunning wedding dress. We love its deep ivory hue which just seems to melt into the skin an create an amazing glow on Cinderella. 
Cinderella Bridal Gown | Photo source: Vanity Fair / Gown By Jonathan Olley/Disney

You'd be hard pressed not to love thi wedding reception if you wanted something romantic! There are so many delicious details in this setting we might need Prince Charming to catch us if we faint!
Fairytale Wedding Reception : Photo source: Modweddings

I don't know how Disney does it, but they can even make mice look cute onscreen! We think a small box of these melt-in-your-mouth mice would be the perfect little favor to take home after Cinderella's wedding, don't you?
Burdick Chocolate Mice Truffles Photo source: Burdick Chocolates

Technically the slipper should be clear (aka made of glass) but we will forgive the amazing artist for creating such a beautiful cake! I wouldn't have the heard to cut it but I am sure that it probably tastes delicious too!
Cinderella Wedding Cake | Photo source:

What better forks to eat your beauiful wedding cake with than with these "Happily Ever After" forks
Happily Ever After Dessert Forks | Photo source: