Yummy Monday: Egg-citing Recipes featuring the Wonderful Egg

Egg appetizers.jpg

Happy Monday! It's the week before Easter and I have a lot of eggs in my refrigerator to decorate and then to eat! We know there will be a lot of egg salad in people's lives next week but in the meantime we found some great egg-citing recipes that feature the incredible edible egg! From quiche to a raviolo to a tart, we think we found some pretty delicious treats for you to try! 

egg raviolo.jpg

Egg Yolk Ravoilo with Truffle Butter | Recipe & photo source: MsIHua.com
I love the idea of the egg yolk creating a sort of sauce for the raviolo. YUM! Make sure to use the freshest eggs for this kind of a dish. We love the eggs from Pete & Jen's Backyard Birds right here in Concord, Massachusetts!

Mini Quiche Bites | Recipe & photo source: Poet in the Pantry
Eveyone will eat these yummy quiche and I love that the crust is actually those little phyllo dough shells you can get in the freezer section of your grocery store. 


smoked salmon deviled eggs.jpeg

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs | Recipe & photo source: Ina Garten - Food Network
We had to include ONE deviled egg recipe and Ina Garten's use of Smoked Salmon really elevates this dish to another level. The salmon roe looks like little jewels on top of the egg!

crostini with serrano ham and quail egg.jpg

Crostini with Pepper, Serrano Ham and Quail Egg | Recipe & photo source: Mi Gente Hispana 
If you find yourself with a bounty of quail eggs, here is the perfect recipe to try! I think you could certainly use a smaller chicken egg too. 


Cantonese Egg Tarts | Recipe & photo source: Christine's Recipes
I am not always a fan of Chinese desserts but I do literally have a soft spot for egg tarts!